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Meeting Information
Date and Time: First Thursday of Month at 6:30 PM
Location: Belton Bridge Center
1214 East Madrid
Las Cruces, NM
For More information Click Here
Soliloquy of a Postage Stamp

I am the world’s greatest traveler. I’ve journeyed from pole to pole, and all the climes in dogsled, camel and horseback, by every land, sea and air conveyance; even by submarine, dirigible and rocket.

I am the world’s greatest art and portrait gallery. The heroes and heroines of mythology pose within my borders. I portray the greats and near-greats of all time; kings and queens, pharaohs and presidents, princes and princesses, poets and patriots, emperors and explorers, athletes, architects, aviators, artists and adventurers, tribal chieftains, inventors, moguls, musicians and martyrs, dramatists and novelists, shahs, sultans, saints and sinners. Even the vanished forms of the phoenix, dragon, centaur and unicorn appear upon my face.

I am the world’s greatest picture chronicle and miniature encyclopedia. I map communities, countries and continents, and reveal views from every strange remote corner of the earth. I depict mountains and valleys; oceans, rivers, lakes waterfalls, geysers, harbors, bridges and dams; native canoes, sailing ships and modern ocean liners; monuments and statues; castles, cathedrals, churches, missions, mosques, temples and ruins of temples; and every type of locomotion from automobiles to zeppelins and steamboats to space ships. I delineate all manner of sports, handicrafts, customs, sacred rites and ceremonies; and nearly every variety of bird, animal, fish, fruit and flower.

I frame the horrors of war, the blessings of peace, the hardships of emigration, the plight of indigence and the blight of famine. I illustrate the adventures of Don Quixote, the fairy tales of childhood and the legends of all civilizations. I reflect the symbols of art and culture, of natural resources and industry, of trade and commerce, of agriculture and architecture, and of all human endeavor. I commemorate the expeditions and voyages, and the inventions, discoveries and creations that make life worth living.

Millions of men, women and children are fascinated by me. Through my infinite variety they find boundless pleasure, relaxation and enchantment.

Yet...I am only a postage stamp!
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